6 Steps To Take In a Plumbing Emergency

A plumbing system is very important because it helps us to have a good supply of water for cleaning, drinking, and bathing. The system also helps to drain the dirty water and other waste to the sewer tanks. It is easy for us to take a plumbing system that is working well for granted until it starts malfunctioning. Plumbing emergencies can happen at any home but the sad fact is that they happen when no one is expecting them. However, some signs can warn you of a pending plumbing emergency.

These signs include rattling sounds that are coming from the walls after using the sinks or flushing the toilet, failure of the shower to heat water, and dripping in the taps. Sometimes you may also experience slow drainage of water and low water pressure and all these signs indicate that your plumbing system has a problem.

When there is a pediatric emergency, most people do not know what to do and therefore they end up doing things that make the plumbing issue worse. This article will take you through how you should respond to a plumbing emergency.

Turn Off the Source of Water Supply

Whenever you have a plumbing emergency, it is important to shut down the source of the water at the main water valve. If you do not know where this water valve is, you can still call the plumber who will explain to you where to find it. Closing the main valve helps to reduce leakage of water and prevents flooding inside your house. Ensure that everyone in your house is aware of where to find this main water valve so that they can turn it off in the case of an emergency.

Switch off All the Electrical Appliances in the House

When you are having a plumbing emergency in your house, it can cause damage to the items that use electricity. It is therefore important to switch off these appliances. When the plumber is repairing your plumbing system when you have leaks, ensure that you switch off your water heater because it can get damaged. It is advisable to ensure that all the water has dried up and the plumbing system has been repaired before using any electrical appliances.

Contact the Plumbing Company

When you get into a plumbing emergency, it is important to reach out to the plumbing company. You can research about a plumbing company on this URL before calling them so that you can find out the kind of services that they offer. A good plumbing company is one that offers emergency services even during the weekend.

When you call your plumbing company to explain the exact issue, they will direct you on what you can do to prevent the situation before it worsens. Avoid doing DIYs that you are not sure about because they can make the issue worse and one DIY does not apply to all emergencies.

Clear the Flooded Water

After contacting the plumber, switching off the main water valve and electronic appliances, the next step that you need to take is to drain all the flooded water. You can do this by using mops and ensuring that all the windows and doors are open. 

Cleaning the water before the plumber arrives helps to prevent damage to the items in your home. The more the items that are damaged, the more you have to pay for repair and maintenance.

Keep Your Furniture Safe

Furniture is one of the important investments in any home. If you have invested a lot of money in purchasing high-quality furniture that is made from expensive material, you want to do everything in your power to protect the furniture from damage. When this furniture is exposed to water, it may get damage that is hard to reverse. To avoid such losses, it is advisable to cover your furniture with aluminum foil when you have a plumbing emergency.

Drain the Pipes

Even after turning off the main water valve in your house, some water may remain in the hose pipes. You can open these pipes to drain this water and prevent further damage until the plumber arrives. In case your pipes are clogged, you can try to use a plunger to clear them.

In summary, plumbing emergencies can occur when you least expect them and it is therefore important to be ready for such incidences. Some warning signs of a plumbing emergency include rattling sounds inside your walls, failure of the shower to heat water, slow drainage, and leaking of water in the house. It is important to consult a plumber when you notice these signs so that they can repair the system and save you the cost you would incur in case of an emergency. The steps to take during a plumbing emergency are given in the article above.

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