6 Secrets To Make The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

Are you a coffee lover and love real cafe-style taste and aroma for your cup of coffee? But you are unable to achieve that taste and aroma. Don’t worry…We are here to tell you some secret tips to make a perfect cup of tea like a pro!

Making coffee like a professional is not a herculean task. All you need is high-quality ingredients and some practice. Once you know the right procedure and have the right type of ingredients, it’s not a challenging task.

We all love the coffee taste of a cafe or professional coffee bar. There is no science behind their procedure. Everybody can make it to the very best. You just need to know about some secret tips and tricks that the professional uses.

Let’s have a look at some useful tips for making a classic coffee cup.

1.  Get Some Fresh Coffee Beans

Remember one thing you can not make a perfect cup of coffee with inappropriate ingredients. The first and foremost ingredient is coffee beans. The taste and the aroma of coffee are as good as the coffee beans’ quality.

Always buy fresh beans that can be used for up to a week. Buying a huge stock and storing it for a longer time can mask the freshness of beans. This can affect the flavor and quality of your coffee. Furthermore, roasted beans stored for the long term do not have an excellent taste.

2.  Store The Beans Properly

Once you have bought the fresh beans, the next step is to store them properly. This is done to maintain their freshness. You should store them in a closed air-tight container. For this purpose, plastic, glass, or ceramic pots with sealing properties can be used.

Oxygen and light exposure change the roasted beans by making them rancid. So, the flavor feels more bitter than tasty. Furthermore, do not refrigerate the roasted beans. Doing so can make the beans absorb moisture and become soggy. It can also add smells of surrounding material to the roasted beans.

3.  Grinding At The Right Time

Many people don’t understand the fact that grinding time also matters. It is said that ground coffee loses its original taste after 30 minutes of grinding. So, you should grind just at the time you want to make the coffee.

The degree of grinding is also important along with time. Grinding the beans into fine powder increases the surface area as compared to the original beans. Large or coarse particles do not impart the desired flavor and aroma. Similarly, too small granules make the taste bitter due to over-extraction.

4.  Use Accurately Measured Ingredients

Ingredients are required to be measured accurately for making a classic mug. If any of the ingredients exceeds normal or less than normal, it will affect the quality of the coffee.

For example, for a perfect cup,  1-2 tablespoons of ground coffee are required in 6 ounces of water. Depending on your taste you can make either a strong one or a light one. The difference is a strong cup needs 2 tablespoons of brewing coffee, while the lighter one requires only 1 tablespoon.


5.  Use Good Quality Water

Water quality can also affect the taste of your coffee. Tap water usually contains chlorine and other bad aroma compounds. These molecules can ruin the original flavor of the product.

To overcome this trouble, you can use bottled spring water or use tap water after passing it through filters. Some essential minerals are good to go without causing a change in flavor or smell. So, it is not advised to use distilled or soft water that is devoid of essential minerals and compounds.

6.  Brew At Right Temperature

This is the final and most important step in coffee making. It requires extra care, as you must maintain the right temperature. If the temperature is not maintained, the taste may be affected.

195-205 Fahrenheit is considered the appropriate temperature for brewing. This temperature allows the maximum extraction of the flavor. If the temperature is less, it will result in flat and less extraction of flavor. Similarly, if the temperature is above the optimum, it can still affect the taste of the coffee.

Different techniques are used depending on the personal choice and desired taste. In the French press system, 2-4 minutes of contact are required. However, in the Espresso system of coffee making, only 20-30 seconds of contact are required.

There are a lot of different ways to make coffee. Even the procedure differs from person to person. Everyone loves their own way of making. But using these tips and tricks can give you the best possible experience. So, what are you waiting for! Make your own perfect cup of coffee by using these secret tips.

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