6 Reasons Why Cleansing Juices Are Good For You

A juice cleanse is the process of replacing solid foods with juices. Nice and simple, however, during the cleansing period you are not allowed to consume processed sugars, alcohol, caffeine, or any other toxins. This is because you are trying to bring your body back into its neutral and natural state. By juicing fruit and vegetables your body has an easier time digesting the important vitamins and minerals. 

There are many benefits to cleansing juices and here are 6 reasons why they are good for your health. 

1. It Helps To Detox The Body

Now and again it is important to detox our body from all the nasty toxins that enter our system. Cleansing juices not only aids the process of detoxification, but it helps speed it up too. Detoxification is the process of flushing away toxins and for this to be effective, you have to sustain the right diet. This is why so many people turn to juice cleanses as it is a useful way to ensure you get the nutrients and vitamins you need while ridding your body of anything you do not need.

2. It Improves Digestive Health

Juice cleanses have been linked to significant improvements in digestive health. By going on a cleanse you give your digestive system a break from all the foods that are not so beneficial to our gut health. Once your digestive system has time to adapt, the nutrients that you consume through the juices will be absorbed straight into the stomach lining. Additionally, a lot of cleansing juices contain enzymes that are vital for digestive health. 


The key to these juices is that they don’t contain just one useful vitamin or nutrient, instead they are packed full of nutrient-dense ingredients that contain several benefits for your body. For example, lots of juices contain vitamin A which helps keep your gastrointestinal tract fit and healthy. Another common ingredient used is ginger, which is a lifesaver if you are someone who suffers nausea, slow digestion, and morning sickness. Turmeric is another common juice ingredient, and it does wonders for your gut health. It has been used for many centuries now as a means for treating gastric disorders. 

3. They Are Refreshing And Hydrating

Staying hydrated is a surprisingly difficult task for a lot of the population, with statistics showing that more than half of the adults in the US do not drink enough water. A study conducted using 2000 people in the states found that a mere 22% of adults were drinking the recommended daily amount of water. It found that most Americans were consuming around half of the recommended amount. This is where you can benefit from drinking cleansing juices as they are full of water and healthy fluids that improve your mood, keep your skin healthy and protect cells from damage. As explained by the team behind a retreat program that focuses on juice cleanse in Sydney, during a proper cleanse, your body will have an increased intake of fluids which aid both physical and mental functionality. Going for a cleansing retreat is a good way to get your cleansing journey started, and it means you don’t have to go it alone. 

4. Aids With Weight Loss

This is probably the more well-known benefit of cleansing juices, as a lot of people consume these drinks as a means to help them lose weight. Once you remove processed foods from your diet your body will naturally lose weight. However, the main reason why juice cleanses can assist in weight loss is because it helps to promote a healthier and more balanced diet! It makes you aware of what you are putting in your body. It is important to note that juice cleanses alone are not an effective way to lose weight, and instead, you should use these cleansing juices as a supplement in a healthy diet combined with exercise for healthy weight loss. 

5. Helps To Repair Damaged Tissues

One of the main reasons why cleansing juices are so good for you is that it gives your body a chance to have a break and rest. This resting period means your body will focus on healing tissues and organs as opposed to putting the energy into breaking down foods. As a result of this redirected focus, your body will have time to restore to its optimal health. 

6. Increased Energy

Last but certainly not least, cleansing juices give you a boost in energy and focus. With all the nutrient-dense ingredients you will be consuming, these will be easily absorbed and used to fuel your body and mind. 

So, if you are someone who struggles to eat their fruit and vegetables, or you want to detox your body, then try consuming cleansing juices. There is a multitude of benefits to drinking those juices, so why not experience them for yourself?

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