5 Ways To Troubleshoot Your Internet

With a massive increase in the number of people who use the internet, it has become an integral part of our everyday routine. Due to COVI19, most people are at home which means that they need something for entertainment purposes, hence, online gaming is at its peak.

When your work, education, entertainment, and social needs are depending on internet connection so much, you need a dependable connection. Internet comes with no guarantees no matter how great your internet service provider is. For instance, Spectrum is a top-ranked ISP, and Spectrum customer service is 24/7 available support, so their users can lean on them when they face trouble with an internet connection.

Why should I learn to troubleshoot the internet

Usually, people face issues with their internet connection which can be very troublesome. When you are working or performing any task online and you face issues with your internet speed, it can be very irritating.

The first instinct of a person who faces issues with the service is to report or escalate it to the customer service department. You’ll always have the option to report your issues to the customer service department, but it can be very time-consuming. Sometimes there are no technical glitches and you need to follow a few steps to resolve your issue yourself. To save time, it is better to learn how you can troubleshoot your issues yourself.

Five ways to troubleshoot

We are mentioning some simple hacks that you can try when you face issues with your service. You can try these simple hacks that will help you in most cases of slow internet speed issues.

Test your router

Sometimes there are no issues with your internet connection and the real culprit is your device. When you use your laptops, tablets, phones, or PC for longer hours, you can face issues with the internet. Just like a human who needs to stay fit for better performance, a device also needs an upgraded software.

If you don’t update your devices regularly and use it for long hours, your devices can become slow, and sometimes your screen gets stuck. You feel like the problem is with your internet but it is with your device. To make sure where the problem lies, you can connect different devices with your internet and see if the problem remains the same or not. If gets resolved, you might only need to refresh your devices.

Replace the Ethernet Cable

Most people use broadband cable internet connection. All broadband Internet service providers offer an Ethernet cable that is connected with your router and modem. You receive your internet signals with help of an Ethernet cable.

People prefer to use the Ethernet cables that are provided by their internet service providers and it is not of high quality. You can simply replace your Ethernet cable to find if this was the reason behind the internet issue or not.

It is always better to change your cables after every 6 months and it is not very expensive. You can easily find out Ethernet cables from Amazon online.

Reboot your modem and router

It sounds simple but this trick always helps. When you reboot your modem and router it gets refreshed and starts working fine. Usually, there are bugs in the equipment due to which you can face speed lag issues.

You can reboot your devices to remove the bugs and it can take a few minutes. Do not lose hope if this trick does not work on the first go. Try to reboot your modem and router 2 to 3 times and find out if it works fine.

Run a speed test

You must be aware of the speed that you are getting. Sometimes the issue is with the lines and not with your internet speed. You can simply find out which internet speed you have signed up for by looking at your monthly bill and run a speed test to find out if you are really getting it or not.

You can find many speed testing apps online and run a speed test online. Make sure when you are about to run a speed test all the other devices are off and not consuming your Wi-Fi because this way you will not get accurate results. If the issue is with the speed you can report it to the customer service department.

Replace your router

Just like the advancements are being made in every field of technology, routers are also being upgraded. If you have an old router and you have high-speed internet, you might not get the right internet speed. If your router is not compatible with your internet, it will not support your internet speed. It is better to replace an old router and buy a new one.

Wrapping up

If you are aware of simple troubleshooting hacks you can save yourself from wasting your time in reporting your issues and do it all by yourself. All these hacks are very helpful when you face issues with the internet.

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