5 Beauty Trends Taking Belfast By Storm

Throughout these years, we all have been influenced by numerous beauty trends that have been the need of the hour, along with being tempting and captivating for us. The beauty industry defies gravity and continues to strive online and offline to support a huge surge in creativity.

The beauty and skincare universe has taken a major shift due to the bumpy 2020 roller coaster ride. People these days make mindful decisions while staying at home to groom themselves.

Beauty trends can be anything that gains the spotlight and immense popularity for a specific period. We need to keep in mind that trends are powerful as they create magic and inspire movements.

Let’s have a look at some breath-taking beauty trends that have been taking Belfast by Storm with their enormous popularity and mass movement- These trends are truly inspirational.

1. Spa at Home

Introduce self-care and skincare in the sweet confines of your house. Homecare had gained massive fame for being the prominent trend and solution for skincare when nobody could step out and visit the salons.

Unwind your comfort and pamper your skin with all necessary care and hydration. You can preferably begin with facial oils and face tools paired with soothing bath salts and essential oils to reward your skin with the finest care.

Facial tools can reward your face with radiance and supple skin by harnessing its power. Facial tools are used to enhance lymphatic drainage and promote blood flow, thereby yielding a natural glow. On the other hand, bath salts can take all your stress away with their calming and soothing properties to put you at ease.


2. Say Hey to ‘Skinimalism’

This new and super cool term is a combination of the words minimalism and skin-skinimalism. Give yourself the gift of dreamy skin by bringing together skincare and makeup.

With the pandemic, gone are the days of heavy makeup. A Dewy minimalistic look has been introduced to embrace our natural skin with a bare face and rosy cheeks. It will be safe to say that the ‘no-makeup’ trend is going to stay for long.

3. Skincare For Stressed Skin

Everyone has been subjected to enormous stress and worries in the pandemic. Apart from stressing out emotionally, anxiety has effectively impacted us physically. Stunning glowing faces have lost their radiance, under-eyes have grown baggier, and fine lines and wrinkles have become more prominent. This amazing newfound wonder assists your skin in soothing and calming itself.

Therefore the stress-free skincare trend is paving its way to reduce the signs of aging and stress actively. You can efficiently deal with the drastic consequences of stress by unlocking the benefits of collagen. Kiss your stressed skin goodbye by soothing it with retinol and vitamin E enriched products.

4. Hydrate your hands

Let’s all agree to the fact that we have probably washed our hands more in the pandemic than we have in our entire lifetime. Washing our hands regularly was appropriate and a crucial measure to keep the virus at bay.

However, constant washing has stripped out our hands’ moisture and hydration, resulting in a lifeless look. So now, our holy hands require more care than ever before. We should preferably ensure that our hands are soft, supple, and hydrated even after plenty of washes. 

Opt for a hand moisturizer that can efficiently restore the lost moisture to make them feel supple and tender again. You can consider using cocoa butter or shea enriched moisturizers as they can leave your hands with softness and a soothing aroma.

5. Boosted sales of Bodycare products

It would be safe to say that hygiene being the mainstay, body care essentials shall continue to retain their space on makeup shelves. People have constantly been moving back to the basics to care for their skin while being away from the harsh pollutants and sun.

Consumers are slowly pacing towards other ranges like body polish, scrubs, and body lotions, as they aspire to look good and feel good efficiently and substantially.

Products that deliver hygiene and hydration, and moisturization will continue to thrive as a growing trend in this pandemic. Apart from hygiene, these body care essentials offer us radiant, glowing, and healthy skin.

You are Beautiful!

These beauty trends have shown enormous popularity and are likely to motivate and inspire us in the same way. These eclectic trends are here to modernize us to adopt a more minimalist and elegantly conscious lifestyle to ace our beauty game flawlessly.

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