4 Ways to Make Your Environment Healthier

More so in recent years have we become very conscious of the damage we are doing to the environment. An entire culture of healthy, organic, and free-ranged eating has brewed, the catalyst for which was the damage we are causing to the Earth being highly publicized in independent scientific journals and to a certain extent throughout the mainstream media.

With such a rage about healthy eating, it is no surprise that we are attempting to become healthier, or at least make our environments healthier. However, the notion of creating a healthy environment can for some be very confusing, which is why this guide has been compiled so to dispel any confusion and promote a healthier and more gentle approach to the Earth; the Earth that nourishes us, keeps us strong, and offers an abundance of food, water, and happiness. It is only right that we should in turn reciprocate by helping to keep the Earth in tip-top condition.

Use Air Filters

People become horrified when they learn to the extent of the filth that is floating around in the air. Spores, bacteria, and dust, which can all cause detrimental effects to our health and wellbeing, as well as the Earth. While spores and bacteria are largely unavoidable, the fumes and toxic particles produced by cars are avoidable. There are many top-quality filters you can purchase, from Filter Buy to more conventional types. 

Air filters can seriously improve the air quality around you and not only is beneficial to the environment but to your own health. Once you have become acquainted and familiar with the brilliance of air filters it is terribly unlikely you will ever go back to not using one. They are largely inexpensive and can be purchased second hand, or straight out of a department store, so waste little time in picking one up today.

Go Completely Plastic Free

Plastic is a synthetic substance that can never be destroyed, and when burnt, causes completely toxic and harmful fumes, both for you and the environment. Billions and billions of pounds of plastic is floating in the ocean as you read this, making up for forty percent of the ocean surface. Yearly, millions of birds and marine life are killed by plastic, whether by being tangled up in it or ingesting it. 

Thankfully, many retailers offer non-plastic carrier bags so you can shop peacefully knowing you are not contributing to the death of wildlife. Where you can, do online shopping and request that it is delivered in boxes, so that once you have unpacked your shopping you can exchange your bags or just go completely bag free. Plastic is wreaking untellable havoc on the world around us and in the spirit of being conservation friendly you too should ditch it to keep the world healthy. We are not the only ones who live on Earth, rather the ecosystem is fuelled by millions and billions of other living creatures, who are slowly being killed by the ravages of plastic.

Read the Packaging of Your Groceries

Whether your groceries or your clothes, make sure you read the packaging. You can go out of your way to only purchase fair trade food or clothes that have not been made by damaging the world and wildlife. Avoid buying non-organic food stuff that has likely been treated with pesticides. You may think you are eating healthily but in actuality you are eating and drinking minute amounts of toxic chemicals and carcinogens, which in small doses may not seem that bad, but in actuality add up over time and contribute to an earlier death than would be without having ingested them.

Be Smart with Your Water

You should make sure that you are clever with the water you drink. You may be surprised to find out that there are many chemicals and carcinogens in your bottled water, and toxic chemicals and bacteria that come from your faucet. You can choose to drink bottled mineral water [in glass bottles] as there is significant damage that can be caused and has been proven in academic and scientific discourse from plastic bottles. Tap water also is suggested to be toxic occasionally.

You can go out of your way to drink as aforementioned, glass bottled water, or you can get a water purifier and filter that respectively can improve the quality of the water you drink. You should always run your water through the former and latter devices as they can seriously help you drink better, higher quality, and safer water.

Make sure you only buy your filters and purifiers from reputable sources. There are many anecdotal accounts of poorly sourced filters and purifiers adding chemicals into the water, like plastic, and other chemicals, through poorly made equipment. Only buy from reliable sources and be organic.


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