4 Reasons Why Men Ignore Women They Like

Sometimes a woman can be sure in her man’s feelings, and it is neither self-deception nor too vivid imagination nor wishful thinking. A man has somehow given himself away, but he neither takes proactive measures to win the woman over nor says her directly about his feelings. What is it? Does he play hard-to-get, pretending to seem indifferent, or is it about self-doubt, low self-esteem, or fear of rejection? He cannot make himself approach a woman who seems ideal to him, but why? A woman cannot understand this strategy – she is single and has provided him with dozens of chances to prove himself on the sweety date dating site and in real life, but he stonewalled her every time. What are the motives of such ignorance? There are four most popular reasons why a man ignores a woman he likes.

  1. Fear of screwing up with such a beauty

Let’s be honest, a similar situation is extremely rare in life, but this scenario is almost a favorite plot in soap operas. She is the beauty from a rich family, while he is an ordinary hipster or a pizza delivery man. Naturally, every day the guy prays for her “holy face.” And being modest and shy, he is even afraid to think that such a diva may like him. And yet such stories are rare. Modern men do not really care about status, age gap, appearance, or finances, but they can be in a hurry to declare their interest simply and bluntly, sometimes even too bluntly. If such a hero sits in the back, then his self-esteem is extremely lower. Such a man should work on himself to be able to approach every woman he likes.

  1. Lack of initiative or the habit of living as a slave

This parameter is found in 40% of cases. And in many respects, it depends on what kind of relationship model a man observed in his family. If he was growing up in female-led relationships in which mom was the only decision-maker, then the chances are high that such a man will subconsciously wait for a similar scenario in his adult life. Such guys believe that it’s a woman who should do her best to conquer him, make him fall in love with herself as well as propose. He is ready to obey in everything, cave in to her requirements, and change habits if she is responsible for everything and is ready to take a leading position in their union. Not all girls strive for such a scenario since most expect a man to be the main breadwinner and leader. However, those who opt for FLR will be extremely happy to take matters into their hands.

  1. Unreadiness for something serious

It happens that a man has a crush on a woman since she seems interesting and funny, and therefore, he does not treat her just like a one-night stand, but at the same time, he is not ready to go further and begin to develop this connection deep down. Maybe there is an ideal plan in his head: a career, buying a house, and only then starting something committed. He might be afraid of responsibility and wants to enjoy his single life. Or maybe the guy is up to his neck in problems, like debts, business promotion, poor health. In any case, even if he is interested in a woman, he has neither desire nor resources for her. Otherwise, he would have taken steps. If a man really likes a woman, he should decide whether he is ready to let her go, or it is worth trying to approach her at least.

  1. Bear campaign

Unfortunately, this case is the most common. The idea is to slightly reduce the girl’s importance and increase their self-esteem at her expense. How does this happen? First, a man shows a girl his interest, asks her out on a date, gives false hope, and then disappears or stonewalls her. He doesn’t write, ignores calls, actively meets with others, or immerses himself into work. He does all these with one purpose – to show the beauty that he can do without her. What for? To make her nervous and lower her self-worth.

If earlier she saw herself at 8 points out of 10, demanding an appropriate attitude, now she suffers and looks for her flaws, trying to understand why she was rejected. During the game, the woman’s self-esteem drops to 4 points, and then she will be caught, taking at a “bargain price.” At the same time, a man will necessarily impersonate a “savior” who does her a favor. Especially often, guys who do not like to make efforts and develop themselves resort to this tactic. It is easier for them to bring the “princess” down to their level, depreciate, suppress, so as not to waste either energy or resources on her. However, the girl gets into trouble in this situation since she begins to depend on the man and loses her true self.

Not Very Nice Truth

We have described four obvious reasons why a man ignores a woman he really likes. They are not always pleasant but true. Women should keep their eyes open to see red flags and determine a manipulator. Men should reconsider their approach to women. Either you meet halfway, showing all the best, or nothing will come out of it.

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