3D scanners may seem like something from the future, but they are more common than you think! Thanks to this discovery, a lot of jobs are much easier and faster due to the power of 3d scanning, so it’s safe to say that this invention was much needed! But what do 3d scanners actually do and what field are they for – a lot of people are still baffled about it, so much so that they can’t even recognize the scanner when they see one! So, what exactly are they and what are they used for?

The science behind it

A 3D scanner is used for scanning an environment or an object and making an exact, precise replica of it – this kind of technology helps people grasp the dimensions of the chosen space or object while making a 3D copy for you to look at. This tool is widely used by construction companies all over the world, including the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Many 3D laser scanning services in the UK have shown just how much has this kind of technology improved the quality of work in many fields, often cutting the time and money expenses. All in all, 3D scanners are extremely valuable to many businesses and work fields, and it’s not that uncommon to find one if you look for it carefully, they can be lurking behind the corner!


Archeology has been around for a really long time, with many astounding discoveries made over the decades – it seems that nowadays technology truly makes the process way easier! Not only are 3D scanners used for making discoveries, but they are also useful in reimagining the long-forgotten sightings, buildings, and even people of the past! It’s a common practice to use 3D scanners on mummies in order to try to reimagine the face of the deceased, or in some cases to discover who the person was! With the 3D scanning magic, a lot of history’s biggest secrets have been revealed, and many are yet to be discovered!

AEC industry

The architecture, engineering, and construction workers use 3D scanners daily – they basically can’t work without them at this point! In most cases, a certain building or an object is too large to be measured by hand, so the most efficient and accurate way is to do it with a 3D scanner, on top of that to make an exact copy of the space so the workers can further plan out their work. All in all, this is an extremely handy tool, perfect for tricky jobs, it can cut time and energy and on top of that show the most accurate measurements!


The healthcare industry also uses 3D scanning on a daily basis as a common practice – it can be used for multiple purposes. From researching and determining the state of the patient, to come up with unique and personalized solutions. It’s safe to say that 3D scanning helped the medical field in so many ways, by making the process more precise, easier, and safer to use. With this innovation, it surely helped doctors and medical specialists all over the world to do their job a bit better and faster!


Surprisingly, you can fight crime by using 3D scanners. Many professionals use this method for forensics, it’s extremely valuable as the crime scene can be recreated, therefore helping the professionals see the space in many different positions and views, allowing them to recreate the crime itself. 3D scanners are fast and portable, allowing the police force to work easily and without setbacks – so it’s safe to say that this practice is being picked up all over the world by now. It’s all about accuracy too, and this allows the professionals to analyze the scanned space thoroughly without actually being in it – sometimes seeing it in a different perspective paints a totally new picture!

3D scanners

Creative field

Back in the day, in order to transform the actors of a certain movie, a lot of makeup and prosthetics were involved, but nowadays it’s mostly computer-generated! 3D scanners are used for scanning and capturing the actor’s face and body and making an exact duplicate of him – perfect for modifying later on! So this cuts so much time and the possibilities are endless! Both the gaming industry and the movie industry have been using 3D scanners in creating their craft!

So it’s pretty safe to say that 3D scanners are not a new thing that’s super exclusive to a certain field of work, they can be used for many things! Each day, professionals all over the world are finding different ways to use 3D scanners and invent ways to make life easier – this means that 3D scanners are only going to become bigger and expand their field of expertise to a whole new level!

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