3 ways to promote your business using custom stickers in 2021

2021 is nearly upon us! Christmas will be here before we know it, we’ll have a few great days relaxing & celebrating with our families then, straight back to it.

You may have already started to reflect on 2020 & what you need to be doing differently in 2021.

You may have got your growth targets set and be wondering how you meet them?

In this short article, I’m going to give you some ideas to you on how you can meet your growth aims. These ideas use custom stickers to help scale your business.

So why custom stickers?

Custom stickers or labels are an excellent way to advertise your company because of their low cost. People don’t perceive them to be an advertising tool in some instances. For example, if given alongside your product, most people see them as a gift. They will freely stick them in useful places if they love your product (think Apple iPhone stickers).

Giving gifts is a proven tactic for increasing sales because of social psychology’s rule of reciprocity.

So, how can we best use custom stickers to grow your business & meet your growth objectives?

Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Include stickers with your orders

Stickers are low cost, from only a few pence each, and including them with your product is a no brainer. There are good reasons fantastic brands like Apple include stickers with their products.

Google says there are 3 billion mentions of brands a day, and nearly 95% of these don’t happen online. We also know many consumers say they’re ‘highly likely’ to purchase based on word of mouth endorsements.

It can be so powerful having a train packed with commuters seeing your brand’s sticker on the back of a phone or laptop, so don’t miss out on this powerful but straightforward marketing tool.

2. Try guerilla marketing tactics

There are many excellent guerilla marketing campaigns we can learn from to get inspired. Here are a few ideas where brands have used stickers to gain an advantage:


Carlsberg added removable stickers to banknotes and left some lying around.


A simple bit of street cleaning and a sticker leaves a striking message for passers-by.


Duracell does a great job here of associating themselves with a continuous supply of power. It’ reinforces their brand’s position as focusing on long-life batteries.


3. Give away stickers at exhibitions

Exhibitions can be expensive, so how do you create an enduring impact when meeting people? You don’t want most people to neglect your new business as soon as they’ve left the exhibition.

Stickers are an effective way not to be forgotten by giving your business a presence in a customer’s office or home.

Investing in a premium sticker that looks striking when applied to a laptop, and will continually be seen by your potential customer, can help close sales.

We hope these ideas have fueled your creativity to use custom stickers in your marketing campaigns in 2021. 

We’d love to hear what ideas you’ve got and how you’re using stickers or labels, so please comment below.

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