Horse betting is a more sophisticated form of gambling. But it’s not as scandalous as going to a casino. In fact, it’s quite popular as an outdoor activity. Families often go to the racing track, passing the art within generations. Unlike other games, horse racing gives you ample opportunities to socialize. You don’t have to be in your seat the entire time. You can bet on a horse and later watch the game from your TV screen. Or you can go to the track, and get food and snacks or chat with your friends during the break and between each race.

Make a safe bet

You must have heard handicaps say, the higher the risk, the better the payoff. That is true to an extent. But the losses are also higher when there’s a high risk. Experienced betters can make a hard wager. But for beginners, a safe bet is advisable. Rather than betting on the horse to win or place (come first or come first and second), you should bet on the horse to show (come first, second and third). This way, your odds of winning the race will be higher.

Another option is an exotic wager. It lets you bet on multiple races at the same time, increasing your chances of winning a better payout. It is also more thrilling as there’s no partial win on an exotic wager. You win all the portions of your bet, or you don’t. If you are still not sure, hire a professional for horse race betting tips.

Don’t go for the name

Amateurs often make the mistake of betting on a horse for its name. That is no criterion for its skill. Look at the horse. No, if it looks handsome, it doesn’t mean it is guaranteed to win. But instead, you have to pick a horse by studying its form and pace at the racing track.

Also, do your research. Look at the racing track programme for the day because it gives you information on the horse’s past performance, history with the jockey and performance at the same track. If your local newspaper carries the race programme, it may also offer some betting tips by handicaps. These are all factors that should be taken into account for your wager. Moreover, listen to the commentator between races. There may be some helpful tips for deciding your next pick.

Bet with friends

Friends make bad times in life better, and good times, best. Go to the racing track with your friends and place a show parlay bet. Here’s how it works: Everyone pools in a certain amount of money and picks one horse in each race to win. If they win, they can take the earnings and bet on the next race to win even bigger. Everyone can walk home with huge payouts at the end of the day. And the experience is gratifying as there’s always someone to pat you on the back if you lose.


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