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3 Benefits of Drinking Filter Coffee

The world is overcome with an excess of coffee addicts, and they’re only increasing as coffee producers come up with more and more exciting flavors and variations of this delicious drink. However, there have been debates going on back and forth over whether coffee is healthy or not, and it’s safe to say that most of us are confused because there have been so many varying opinions. We’re going to put your mind at ease, get rid of all the noise, and simplify the matter for you. There is filtered and unfiltered coffee, and it has been found that the filtered variety is much healthier. In this article, we’re going to give you more insight into why this is.

  • Less Cholesterol Intake

What you may not know is that unfiltered coffee is actually terrible for your body because it increases the intake of cholesterol. The reason for this is that when you’re boiling your coffee, sediment and oils are released. The oily parts that should worry you are called diterpenes, and there are 2 kinds that can be found in coffee. They are known as kahweol and cafestol. Now the problem with these oils is that they tend to find their way into your intestines and end up blocking a receptor that actually regulates cholesterol intake in your body. As a result, the cholesterol only increases, and this could be a serious issue. When you use a filter, these sediments and oils are filtered out, and you can actually enjoy your coffee without trouble.

  • Lower Risk for Heart Disease

If you drink unfiltered coffee, then you might be familiar with not just a burst of energy, but you also may experience slight palpitations every now and then, and guess what? That’s not good. Because your cholesterol levels are on the rise, sooner or later this will have an impact on the health of your heart as well. We’re not entirely certain if there may be other elements in the coffee that elevate the heart rate, but we’re certain that it does play a role in creating heart conditions if you drink more than one cup of unfiltered coffee in a day. You’ll find that the switch won’t be that hard, because according to the coffee connoisseur from Dailyespresso.co.uk, there are a variety of coffee makers that make different kinds of coffee, all with the use of filters. It’s a small change to make with big implications, and you should always be sure to take care of your heart’s well-being. 

  • Lowers Risks of Cancer

Along with being beneficial for your cholesterol intake and your heart, it has been discovered that filtered coffee actually has positive effects when it comes to specific forms of cancer. So far, studies have shown that coffee’s anti-inflammatory and anticarcinogenic properties have played a role in effectively reducing the effects of the oral, liver, and prostate cancer, and also melanoma, although by a lower percentage. Think of it as a preventative measure, but as with all things, you cannot overdo it. Two cups a day are ideal when it comes to unfiltered coffee, and it’s best served black. The reason for this is that you would be cutting out all the benefits by adding cream, milk, or sugar. It’s also important to keep in mind that the kind of coffee you drink has different degrees of effect. The bioactive compounds differ in regards to how the coffee is brewed, and how much the coffee bean is roasted as well, and of course, what kind of coffee bean is being used plays a role. 

It’s important that first off, you stop having unfiltered coffee. It may take you an extra step or more effort in terms of the fact that you need to be more conscious of how your coffee is made, but your body and your health will thank you for it. Not only will the flavor be better, but it runs much deeper than that. As you can see by the benefits listed here, coffee actually plays a pivotal role in your overall health and well-being in a big way. It’s just as important that you really make it a point to learn more about the coffee you use.

There are so many different kinds and you should educate yourself on them and what they contain, and what they could be beneficial for. Also, learn more about the way they’re roasted and the different methods of making coffee to see which would be best for both flavor and your health. Lastly, try not to overdo and always remember that you should only have filtered coffee, no matter what the circumstance is. 




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