Belfast’s 10 Most Romantic Restaurants

10 Most Romantic Restaurants

Whether it’s your first date or your 50th anniversary, these are the 10 most Romantic restaurants in Belfast where you need to nab a reservation pronto for Valentine’s Weekend.

  1. Zen 


2. Chubby Cherub


3. AM:PM Restaurant


4. The Barking Dog

5.  La Bastille French Restaurant


6. The Ivory

7.  Bert’s Jazz Bar


8. Deanes at Queens


9.  James St South

10. Holohans

What makes a restaurant romantic?

“Intimate” would seem to part of the equation, though one of the local restaurants that attracts the most love birds is an airy, bustling bistro that probably has 100 diners at any given moment. In fact, for nearly every characteristic that might define romantic, you can find a real-life exception. Your romantic wandering fiddler may make me want to dive under the table. Lighting, noise, ambiance, music, scenery, the menu, plenty of wine and of course the date all play their part. Who would you vote for?


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